Comfortheat Solo Portable Restroom


As an upgrade to the standard plastic unit, the ComfortHeat Solo stands out with a focus on simplicity and comfort. Designed to accommodate all seasons, this model boasts full heating and insulation, complemented by a circulation fan and window for enhanced comfort. Built with resilience in mind, it features industry-standard components, an all-aluminum construction, and proprietary heated water solutions, making the ComfortHeat Solo a versatile and reliable choice. From chilly winters to scorching summers, this upgraded unit ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience year-round.

  • Fresh Flush Toilet and Sink: Hygienic convenience with fresh flush and sink.
  • Hot & Cold Water: On-the-go luxury with hot and cold running water.
  • Easy Maintenance: Independent foot pump mounting plate for hassle-free servicing.
  • LED Lighting: Interior/exterior LED lighting for visibility and welcoming ambiance.
  • Heavy Duty Door Assembly: Robust security with latch, deadbolt, and door closer.
  • Easy Transport: Fork pockets for effortless mobility.
  • Circulation Fan: 90CFM fan for cooling in summer, warmth in winter.
  • Wall Mounted Heater: 1250W heater for quick, efficient warmth.
  • Lightweight Design: Easily transportable at 550 lbs dry weight.
  • Power Efficiency: Practical 15A/120V power requirements.

Upgrade your portable restroom experience with the ComfortHeat Solo—a versatile and reliable choice for yearround comfort. From chilly winters to scorching summers, make every visit enjoyable.