Introducing the FlushFlow Elite Portable Restroom, an innovative upgrade to our standard units, that redefines the portable restroom experience with a perfect blend of functionality and comfort. This premium unit goes beyond the ordinary, providing a refreshing solution for waste disposal while ensuring a spacious and sanitary environment for users; allowing the waste to be flushed away with fresh water after each use.

  • Fresh Flush Technology: Elevate cleanliness with a gentle cascade of fresh water.
  • Maximum Ventilation: Enjoy optimal ventilation for a comfortable experience.
  • Spacious Design: Experience freedom of movement in an expansive interior.
  • Anti-Slip Floor Surface: Prioritize safety with a stable, anti-slip floor—an ideal choice for professionals.
  • Occupancy Signal Latch: Enhance privacy with a discreet signal latch, streamlining restroom use.
  • Two Tissue Rolls: Convenience at your fingertips with two readily available rolls.
  • Sanitary Seat Deck and Floor Design: Impeccable cleanliness with a hygienic design.
  • Translucent Roof: Natural lighting for a refreshing ambiance—perfect for a quick break.
  • Corner Tank: Maximize efficiency with a space-optimized design.
  • Non-Splash Urinal: Mess-free experience, maintaining cleanliness in demanding environments.
  • Premium Advantage: 24% more interior floor space for a superior portable restroom experience.


Upgrade your restroom experience with the FlushFlow Elite—a fusion of innovation and practicality tailored for
hardworking professionals. Welcome to a new standard of portable luxury.