“Ready For Anything” characterizes our customer-centric units, crafted for durability and resilience in any market. These fully insulated and heated structures, customized for Canadian winters, showcase features such as High-Wear PVC Coin Flooring, Stainless Steel Counter/Sink/Closeout Door, and more. Engineered to endure tough conditions, our units embody a seamless combination of durability and functionality. White/Grey FRP Interior Panels contribute to a polished appearance, ensuring these units are versatile and reliable. Some standard features include 120V/240V Custom Electrical Configurations.

  • Climate Control Options: Choose between a 300CFM recirculating fan or llk BTU air conditioner.
  • Ample Water Supply: A 160 US Gal. fresh water tank ensures a reliable water source.
  • Efficient Waste Management: A 260 US Gal. stainless steel waste water tank minimizes service interruptions.
  • Heavy-Duty Door Assembly: Robust security with latch, deadbolt, and door closer.
  • Reinforced Interior Wall Panels: Smooth fiberglass for durability and a polished look.
  • RV Toilets: Dometic 510H RV toilets for user comfort.

  • Sturdy Support: Heavy-duty stabilizer jacks on all corners for stability.

  • LED Lighting: Modern, all-LED interior/exterior lighting for visibility and a contemporary appearance

Embrace the epitome of durability and functionality with our meticulously engineered units—a testament to our commitment to excellence. “Ready For Anything” has never been this tangible