Disposal Bin Service In North Vancouver Making All The Difference

Are you seeking for disposal bin rental service for trash or waste in North Vancouver? With Totalsite, make your disposal bin rental work so easy. Our complete disposal bin rental service makes your clean-up process much easier. Our expert team makes it a point to visit the spot, and makes inquiries about the spot where the junk lies, followed by transporting the junk into the disposal bins.

What is so good is that our experts will collect the junk on-site so that each piece of the material gets recycled properly. We make it a point to transport the bins from your property to the disposal site and recycling facility. The disposal bin service in Vancouver meant for rental are ideal enough for junk and waste disposal.

Why Opt For Total Site Disposal Bin Rental

Certified & Licensed

We are a certified company and hence provide service with a guarantee. Since we are a certified one we make sure the workers are insured. So, if anything happens to the workers, customers don’t have to take the heck, it is the company that bears the hassle. This is the reason why one should hire a licensed rental company.

Prompt & Friendly Service

We make it a point to offer impeccable customer service and reliable support. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment or book online to avail of on-time service.


As a premier disposal company, we focus on recycling. We make it a point to separate the garbage in order to minimize the outcome, letting the lesser recyclable matter end up in disposal sites.

Same day Delivery

The disposal bin rental service is available same day. Just give us a call and we will go the extra mile to help you deliver the bin the same day.

Give us a call for a comprehensive solution to your yard waste.