Hassle-Free Garbage Bin Rental In West Vancouver To Ensure Cleanliness

Total site is your full-service garbage bin rental company in West Vancouver. Offering bin rental services for domestic and business use, we ensure your junk is properly recycled and disposed of responsibly. At Total Site, Garbage bin rentals are the commodity being delivered straight to the user. We work with you, help you choose the perfect bins for rent, and ensure a clean environment.

Choosing The Right One For The Best Experience


We are a certified and licensed company and hence provide service with a guarantee. Whatever commitment we make, we make it with a guarantee.

Fastest Support

We make it a point to provide excellent customer service and reliable support. You can call us or book online to avail yourself of fast and on-time junk and garbage bin rental in West Vancouver.


As a conscious disposal company, we strictly focus on recycling. We separate the garbage to minimize the environmental impact, letting the less recyclable matter end up in disposal sites.

Ensure complete Peace Of Mind

We provide a hassle-free low pricing guarantee and we are not going to surprise you with hidden fees. Just give us a call and we will do our best to help you get same-day delivery. Give a call, schedule your garbage container rental, and feel the difference!