Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Portable & Fence Event In North Vancouver


Want to create temporary enclosures for your event using portable fencing? If that is what you are looking for, count on the Total site for professional event fencing in venues and other celebrations. What is so good is that our fencing arrangements are enough to control the crowd quickly with easy-to-install and sturdy fencing panels. The portable fence is manufactured from quality carbon steel and is galvanized both internally and externally to guarantee long-term weather resistance. These portable & fence for the event in North Vancouver is designed for using longer periods of time.

Portable Fence Event and its benefits

For a company like Total site, quality, and innovation are the key strengths. We make sure your fence-buying experience turns out to be a perfect experience.

The sturdy panels are easy to set up and can easily be transported within minutes without the use of special tools. The unique interlock with hook and loop structure ensures the panels stay in place when they are set up using the picket post. What’s more is that the signature panels don’t require any paint coat and will not rust, warp, or corrode.

Our Portable & Fence Event In North Vancouver not only meets and exceeds the requirements but also ensures the safety and security of the construction site remain intact.

Give us a call to make your fence-buying experience a great one.