Portable Toilet Rentals In West Vancouver For Sensible Sanitation

Are you in need of a Portable Toilet Rental in West Vancouver for any outdoor event or activities? Total site is a full-service toilet rental company in West Vancouver that brings you sensible sanitation solutions for the organizers, event planners, and individuals. Our rental offers a reliable and practical solution for any projects that demand the convenience of on-site sanitation.

Why Opt For Total Site Toilet Rental

Clean Our Products are maintained to the highest standards and are delivered to the desired destination clean and sanitized.


The installation of the portable toilet from the Total site is easy. Be it for a large-scale event or small workforce needs, we make sure the toilet rentals are portable.

Reliable We as a reliable service provider bring a large selection of Portable Toilet Rentals in West Vancouver options for construction sites, events, and other gatherings.

Why Choose Portable Toilet For Rent

We have been offering a complete line of clean, high-end Portable Toilet Rental in West Vancouver. We thoroughly maintain and sanitize our units to ensure they are in good working condition. What is worth mentioning is that we offer sanitized toilets for rent and that too within your budget.