Different Types of Temporary Fencing New Westminster for Homeowners and Businesses in a Nutshell


A temporary fence is a freestanding barrier connected by couplings, making it stable and highly resistant to the impact of mechanical forces, while being exceptionally portable and flexible at the same time. Temporary fencing in New Westminster and other places worldwide is often used in building sites to restrict access to hazardous areas, prevent potential security threats, and crowd control.

Temporary fence assemblies vary from fixed panel sections with retractable support columns to semi-permanent installations of floor posts and modular barricades. They are generally comprised of metal panels, clamps, castings, and stands, as well as barbed iron or steel wire. Temporary fence panels can be made of welded mesh, wire mesh, or solid metal blocks.

Temporary Fencing in Burnaby Offers Custom Security Levels

A welded wire fence can be an excellent alternative for people who want to safeguard a certain section of their property. This type of security fence provides adequate security and is a popular option among many homeowners as well as small businesses because of its high affordability. It can be used in areas where heavy machinery or other hazardous tools are used and you need a protective barrier for people to stay away from the area.

Welded wire fences are available in different colors and they allow you to see inside the covered area without compromising your safety while also preventing others from walking around the grounds where one is not supposed to. Admittedly, this is the kind of temporary fencing in New Westminster and several other cities in Canada that you are most likely to come across these days.

Chain wire fences are made of interwoven steel wire that creates a latticework by extending itself from one metal post to another. They can be easily constructed with iron piles, rolled metal, and barbed wires. The piles are rammed into the ground to erect chain wire fences.

Temporary Fencing in Burnaby is Popular among Homeowners as well as Businesses

The erection of a makeshift fence on your premises can serve as a sanctioned area for pets, prevent children from entering the pool, and restrict party guests to a specific area. This temporary barrier can be employed to minimize the odds of opportunistic crimes, trespassing by casual thieves and vandals, and also to complement the curb appeal of your property.

Portable fences are also often used to provide a secure shelter for livestock and farm animals. When it comes to finding an impeccable solution for maximum short-term safety with minimum investment, nothing else could beat them, at least not for now.

Temporary fences create a safety barrier around the perimeter of your site. They are usually equipped with anti-climbing meshes and are highly recommended for real estate developers and pet racing events. All non-stationary fencing components and grilles are typically machine-welded to ensure optimum strength and long-term durability.

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