Disposal Bin Service in Richmond are Going Green

You may not think of Disposal Bin Service in Richmond as “environmentally friendly.” But at Total Site Services, we are revolutionizing the industry. We’re staying current on all the newest “green” disposal bin trends. We want Richmond residents and businesses to have better options.

Rethink Waste with Recycling Programmes 

It wasn’t long ago that everything just went in the trash. Nowadays, recycling is ubiquitous in homes and companies, with just about everyone pulling out paper, plastics, and metals for a second chance. Some disposal companies have taken recycling to the next level with some surprising programs that accept:

With the use of separate bins for all these traditionally hard-to-recycle items, Disposal Bin Service in Richmond are diverting massive volumes of material from landfills. We aim to make these types of robust recycling programs the standard for all Richmond residents and enterprises.

Implementation of a Circular Economy 

With smart sorting not only can your waste become the materials and goods in your houses again, but recent smart sorting technology makes it a breeze. A circular economy is a new goal in the disposal industry. We’re gradually moving away from the traditional “take, make, disposable” mentality. We’re inching toward sustainability via a closed-loop system and technology that can separate waste streams at an unprecedented rate.

Containerized Composting: Food Scraps to Black Gold

Food waste constitutes an overwhelming percentage of landfill volumes. The most recent containerized composting systems can efficiently break down food scraps and yard waste. They deliver nutrient-rich soil amendments in commercial-scale quantities. Bins for organic waste are no novelty. High-technology composting facilities of Disposal Bin Service in Richmond are already equipped with sophisticated systems, such as:

An excellent compost product is produced as a result. We retrieve the compost product that we place in bags and offer for purchase. Hence, the cycle is complete. Total Site Services’ composting programs extract Richmond’s organic waste from the waste stream and transform it into a useful material.

Smart disposal companies use a data-driven strategy to ensure success. Some of the more recent trends include:

The Future of Disposal Bins is Sustainability 

With smart sorting technologies, high-technology computing, and robust recycling programs, the future of disposal bins certainly belongs to sustainable, environmentally-conscious solutions. At Total Site Services, we are delighted to be leading the way in the trends of green disposal in Richmond. Our community also needs to stay healthy, and the planet needs to be well too.

We encourage all Richmond residents and businesses to become part of the sustainable disposal movement. Contact us today to learn how our Disposal Bin Service in Richmond will send you on the road to zero waste! The path to a greener future begins today!

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