Disposal Bin Services in Vancouver: Past, Present, and Future

Though we may consider the current waste disposal system quite natural, it is more than a century old in Canada. Since industrialization and rapid urbanization hit the country in the eighteen hundreds, environmental and public health challenges concerning efficient management and disposal of municipal waste have always been there.

Before the first-ever disposal bin service in Vancouver (and elsewhere in the country for that matter) came up, Canadians were throwing away their rubbish into waterways around them or on vacant lots near or far from their homes. This unsanitary practice bred diseases, polluted drinking water sources and created eyesores of trash heaps throughout cities. Authorities realized that something had to be done systematically.

Establishment of Municipal Garbage Collection

Toward the end of the nineteenth century (the eighteen-eighties), some big Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver started having municipally run garbage collecting services. Whether Disposal Bin Service in Vancouver or any other Canadian location, these initial programs were quite primitive – usually they would utilize horse-drawn wagons which went around picking up people’s trash. And so homeowners expected to put all their refuse into barrels or crates which could easily be found at the curbside waiting for collection.

However, this system was much better than anarchy, There were still problems with these first attempts at garbage collections: pickup times were not regular enough; coverage extended only to certain neighbourhoods while others went without any service provision at all; equipment tended to break down often due to lack of maintenance since municipal budgets remained tight and therefore did not allow for investment in sophisticated waste management infrastructure.

Standardized Garbage Bins

From as early as the thirties Canadian cities gradually improved on their systems until what we now know today came about – standardized dumpsters were introduced by Disposal Bin Service in Vancouver for use during curbside pickups making them more efficient and hygienic too. Then we used original containers with lids that easily closed, preventing animals from being attracted by the smell emanating from open cans and keeping flies commonly associated with environments with rotting materials at bay.

Materials science together with manufacturing technology advancements made it possible for adoption widespread use across the country due mainly to their cost effectiveness over periods ranging anywhere between five and ten years before replacement becomes necessary again depending on the frequency at which individuals or households throw away rubbish into these plastic bins.

Mechanization of Garbage Collection

From the fifties up till the sixties – there came another significant change in Canadian garbage services when they became mechanized i.e. trucks used hydraulic lifts as well compaction systems. It greatly improved efficiency by reducing manual labour required during waste removal activities. Workers would no longer load trash into wagons one by one but rather empty several dustbins at once through hydraulically operated arms onto truck platforms.

Materials compacted together formed tight packs, increasing capacity per trip while minimizing trips made toward landfill sites. When municipal waste management systems across Canada introduced such improvements during those times of rapid industrial development throughout North America, they helped save fuel costs among other benefits. Call Total Site Services now to learn about its array of Disposal Bin Service in Vancouver!

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