Portable toilets are best suited for various outdoor events, construction sites, camping trips, and outdoor festivals. Their mobility and ease of use have no doubt helped a lot in increasing the public awareness level about portable toilet rental in Coquitlam, but the average Canadian continues to be blissfully clueless about how to maintain them properly.


Periodic Cleaning and Frequent Sanitization

Regular cleaning is extremely crucial to ensure that your portable toilet remains odor-free and disinfected. Wipe down all surfaces with the help of disposable disinfecting wipes every time anyone utilizes the same. Employ a mild, biodegradable cleaning solution and a purpose-designed brush for more extensive cleaning. Do NOT forget to clean the exterior and interior of its door handle as well.

Proper Waste Disposal

You must comply with local regulations when it comes to waste disposal and make sure that you have collected the garbage in an appropriate trash receptacle or disposal unit that came with your portable toilet. NEVER dispose of any items other than excreta and toilet paper into a portable water closet.

Restocking Supplies

Regularly check and restock essential supplies, such as toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer. Note that equipping your portable restroom with adequate supplies not only helps in improving the end-user experience but also promotes better hygiene.

Leak Inspection

Check for leaks in the holding tank of the portable bathroom and your waste pipes since they may lead to unpleasant odors as well as unsanitary conditions. Do NOT hesitate to call a local service provider with a proven record of accomplishment in portable toilet rental in Coquitlam for necessary repair work as soon as you come across any leaks or issues.

Right Placement

Proper placement of your portable washroom is extremely vital. Zero in on a location that is not only level but also stable to prevent any accidents. Try to position it as far as possible from high-traffic areas and ensure everyone can access it with great ease.

Weather Protection

Since extreme temperatures are likely to affect the chemicals that present-day portable loos come with, and hence could result in faster waste decomposition, unpleasant odors, or both, you should make a point to provide some kind of weather protection for your portable toilet, particularly during adverse weather conditions.


Use Toilet Paper Sparingly

Consume only an appropriate amount of toilet paper and dispose of the same properly in the toilet. Avoid flushing toilet paper excessively or any other goods since doing so may lead to clogs.

Use a Hand Sanitizer

NEVER forget to clean your hands with a hand sanitizer before and after using the portable washroom since it helps in maintaining personal hygiene and reduces the odds of spreading disease-manifesting harmful microorganisms.

Close the Lid after Use

Close the lid after every time you utilize a portable toilet since it helps in containing odors, keeps pests at bay, and prevents any accidental spills or mishaps.

Report Potential Issues

If you encounter any issues with your portable latrine, such as a shortage of supplies or a malfunction, make sure to report it at the earliest possible opportunity to the company you have approached for portable toilet rental in Coquitlam. Call Total Site Services now for any queries or further information on its comprehensive selection of portable bogs!

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