Why You Should Invest in Temporary Fencing in Richmond

Richmond, British Columbia, is one such location where homeowners and businesses often find themselves at a crossroads. Should they go for a fence that is permanent or a temporary one? Despite the many advantages that permanent fencing has, temporary fencing in Richmond prevails as the best option in most instances. Richmond, being a place that sees a lot of development and redevelopment projects, will often require temporary fencing as a solution.


One of the interesting aspects of temporary fencing for homeowners is the flexibility that this brings along. Unlike permanent fencing, which is expected to stay for a long time, temporary fencing can be put up, removed, and shifted about as required.

One of the major advantages of using temporary fencing is the cost-effectiveness that comes along with it. Permanent fencing is a significant investment to make. Homeowners and businesses face both an upfront initial cost at the time of installation and added costs for maintenance and replacement


Temporary fencing in Richmond, on the other hand, remains a cost-effective solution irrespective of the duration for which it is put up. When your property needs fencing but only for a short time, going for a temporary solution can save you a lot of money and offer you various benefits of permanent fencing.

Ease of Installation and Removal

A temporary fence is easier to install and remove than a permanent one. Permanent fences can take hours and have a lot of labor-intensive work and clearing land before installation. Instead, temporary fences do not require clearing the ground. People can set up the temporary fence in several hours. For instance, to put a temporary fence around an event area with activities taking place every other day, it can be installed and removed on the desired dates without being a permanent burden for the property owner.

Customization and Versatility

Temporary fencing in Richmond is very customizable. You can choose the material, height, style, and colour of the fence. Temporary fences are available in various materials such as chain links, wood, aluminium, polyvinyl chloride, and various other materials. The height of these fences also ranges some temporary fences are waist-high, and some are more than six feet high. The versatility of temporary fences can be used for construction sites, big events, or to provide privacy on your property.

Environmental Impact

In a city like Richmond, environmental sustainability is starting to become a bigger issue. Temporary fences can be left as an environment-friendly choice for a fence. Most temporary fences are made from recycled material and can be recycled after removal. The option to reuse and reconfigure the fence makes it less likely that you will have a constant supply and demand and a high carbon footprint for a new fence. There are certainly more appealing choices for those looking for sustainable solutions. That is to say, in several situations, many residents opt for temporary fencing in Richmond over a permanent one. Call Total Site Services now to learn more about its diverse array of temporary fences!

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