Although zeroing in on a garbage bin rental in North Vancouver is far from rocket science, you must choose an appropriate size for the trashcan, take time to understand the pricing and ensure that you are fully aware of the following pitfalls.

Failing to Determine the Right Size

One of the most common mistakes people make when renting a dumpster is failing to assess the proper dimensions of the same. Make a point to estimate the amount of daily waste you typically generate and opt for a waste bin of size that suits your requirements.

To put things into perspective, if you choose one that is too small, you will need to rent additional bins or pay for multiple pickups, which can often turn out to be quite expensive. On the contrary, if you select a garbage bin that is too large, you will be paying unnecessarily for unutilized space.

Not Understanding the Pricing Structure

Another common mistake is not being able to understand the pricing structure. Some companies charge a flat fee, whilst several others charge by weight or volume, and hence, you should know beforehand how the garbage bin rental in North Vancouver is going to charge you so you can accurately estimate your costs and save accordingly. In addition, some companies may also have hidden fees for pickup or fuel, so be sure to ask about any additional charges in advance.

Not Considering Accessibility

Make sure to find out whether the potential service provider is going to position the waste bin in a location that is easy to access or it is likely to cause inconvenience by obstructing traffic. You should also check if the pickup truck could come to the preferred place without any hassle or operational issues whatsoever. Note that these could affect the overall cost of ownership of your trashcan rental subscription.

Not Researching the Garbage Bin Company

Inquire about every prospective company as much as possible before renting a garbage bin business. Look for web reviews and online testimonials from the present as well as past clients to make sure that the dumpster rental agency is credible and provides quality service.

Furthermore, it should also own a valid business license and possess public liability insurance to compensate you suitably in the unforeseen event of any accidents involving one or more human lives or in the case of damage to your asset/s.

Not Taking into Account the Environment

Finally, consider the possible environmental impact that it may cause when planning to rent a dumpster. Some companies may not properly dispose of waste, which can adversely affect the well-being of your surroundings. Look for one that employs environment-friendly disposal methods, recycles when possible, and is devoted to the latest approaches in sustainable waste management.

Call Total Site Services for Garbage Bin Rental in North Vancouver

Renting a trashcan can certainly prove to be an excellent solution for having your waste managed by a professional. However, you must avoid the aforementioned mistakes and do your research to find a garbage bin rental in North Vancouver that is ideal for your affordability and addresses your waste-related concerns perfectly.

Call Total Site Services now to request a no-obligation estimate over the phone!

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