What to Expect When You Sign up with Total Site Services for a Garbage Bin in Surrey

One of the best parts about a garbage bin rental in Surrey is booking — and Total Site Services is making it even easier! Rent a bin in Surrey today with our online booking or by giving us a call to make a booking with your fun and friendly service. You make arrangements for it to arrive at the time and place required by your project.

Choose the Size of Your Bin

Don’t underestimate how much more work that renovation can generate for you! Different sizes are available under Total Site Services’ garbage bin rental in Surrey. Ten-yard bins are ideal for smaller jobs, such as whole bathroom renovations or garage clean-outs. Twenty-yard bins are the most popular for renovation or household clean-out jobs, such as kitchen renovations. Thirty- and forty-yard bins are available for large additions or removal of houses or large-scale construction projects. The experienced team will make recommendations to ensure there is increasing capacity and no over-wastage of money on surplus unused space.

Let’s face it: everything you do takes time and never for exact work hours. Total Site Services gives you peace of mind thanks to our experience and challenging rental periods. Rent your bin for as little as one week as long as one month or even longer. Extensions are easily available if you need extra time to get past the hurdles in your work.

Convenient Placement

Don’t worry about having to haul heavy debris long distances – we’ll place the bin in the most convenient spot for your worksite or residential area. Our drivers will navigate even the tightest spaces to get the bin precisely where you need it the most. We also protect surfaces when delivering and picking up. We use plywood, boards, or other coverings to prevent driveway damage, path holes, or lawn ruts. What else can go in the bin when you choose Total Site Services for a garbage bin rental in Surrey?

One of our robust bins can surprise you with how much stuff it can hold! Some hazardous materials, chemicals, and items cannot be tossed or disposed of without restrictions; for any distinct disposal needs, contact our staff for recommendations. Load it Up! Forget about throwing tens of boatloads away, causing the dump or waste transfer station; our bins take all and are high enough to host heavy, massive items spread to the top lip.

Why Choose Total Site Services?

When your project is completed and the bin is full to the brim, contact us. We will arrange a pick-up time that works best for you. Our drivers will return, deftly re-load the bin onto the truck, and take care of everything else when it comes to proper disposal. They’ll follow strict local waste code procedures and best practices. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re ready to spend for a garbage bin rental in Surrey or have a lot more questions, it would be greatly appreciated if get in contact with our professionals specializing in garbage bin rental. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll ensure this next major clean-up task goes without any ado!

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